Rates and payments

Rates and payments

How do I delete my bank details? 

You can delete your bank details at any time: from your personal space, select the "My account" and then "Payment methods", click on the "Delete" button.

This operation is possible if you do not have a current or future booking.


Why do I need to register my payment card? 

When you cancel a booking, the payment card registration allows us to refund the amount of your booking directly to your credit card without having to contact us.  


How do I change invoice details? 

We invite you to change your contact information from your customer space, under "My Account".

Once your details have been changed, please send us an e-mail so that we can generate an invoice with the correct wording.


Where can I see the invoice? 

At the exit of the parking, you will receive your invoice by mail.

You can also find your invoices from your personal space, under "My invoices".


 What prices does Onepark offer?

Onepark covers all your needs: from one hour to a year!

To find out about our offers, follow the guide: enter your dates and the place where you want to park in the search engine on the home page of our website then click on the parking that interests you. You will then be directed to the page of this car park.

On each of the car park pages, you will have the choice between several formulas of package (hours or days) and / or subscription when the parking offers it.


 Can we pay with an ecard?

Yes, you can pay for your reservation by e-card.


Is the payment process secure?

All the phases of payment between the buyer and STRIPE are fully encrypted and protected: the information relating to the order and the number of the payment card do not circulate on the Internet.

The payment card numbers are not printed on any paper, invoice, or other listing and does not appear in any e-mail, back office or file and Onepark is not aware of the card numbers.