Carcassonne Airport

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Carcassonne Airport: find a park easily

It is not always easy to find a good parking space in Carcassonne . If you are looking near the airport, you can opt for the Public Parking Carcassonne Airport in Cathar Country or the Parking Carcassonne Airport - Southern Wash , with valet service and car wash service.

What to see near Carcassonne Airport?

After having parked your car, join the City of Carcassonne which is located about fifteen minutes from the airport. The city is the most famous and most visited tourist place in the city of Carcassonne. Moreover, it is the second most visited site in the whole of France, after Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy. The city of Carcassonne welcomes every year no less than 4 million visitors. Be amazed by the splendor of its carefully preserved medieval architectural ensemble. The city is also famous for its numerous towers as well as its two emblematic monuments, the Château Comtal and the Saint-Nazaire Basilica. The history and interesting anecdotes of these monuments attract many tourists, which is why they are visited more than 500,000 times each year.


Carcassonne and its Bastide Saint-Louis, not to be missed

On the left bank of the Aude, you can walk on the pedestrian streets of the Bastide Saint-Louis generally called the Lower Town. If the Bastide attracts so many visitors, it is mainly because of its architectural richness. The Bastide Saint-Louis is undoubtedly the nucleus of the city of Carcassonne . Many hotels and shops surround the main square, Place Carnot, where is also the beautiful Neptune fountain. The Bastide is ideally located about ten minutes from the airport of Carcassonne. Otherwise, on-street parking areas are also available if you plan to stay for a few hours. On the green stripe zones, you can park for up to 5 hours while the orange and light green zones are limited to 2 hours.