All about booking

All about booking

How do I change my booking? (Date / time / vehicle / flight / number of passengers) 

To change dates and/or time of your booking follow the instructions below: 

Click on “Modify or Cancel your booking” on your email confirmation. Then

After selecting the new dates, click on “Check availabilities”. 

Then, you just have to validate the new dates. 

You can modify the dates and/or time of your booking by logging into your customer space, on “My bookings”. The instructions to be followed are the same.

By modifying a booking, a new booking is created. Therefore, your first booking will be cancelled and reimbursed within 10 working days. 

To modify:

• the model

• the license plate of your vehicle

• your flight number

• number of passengers

It's very simple: go to your customer space, select the "My bookings" section and click on the "Modify" button.


Can the reservation be changed as part of an overrun? 

The reservation is not modifiable.

Depending on the car park, the overpayment will be paid directly on the car park or taken when you enter your exit code. The amount depends on the fee schedule of the car park.

If you use a shuttle service, please notify them of your delay. (The phone number of the shuttle service is available in your confirmation email).


Where can I find the status of the booking? 

To see the status of your booking, simply select the "My reservations" section from your customer space. You will know if your booking  is validated, in progress, terminated, canceled or expired.

If the reservation status does not seem to be correct, please contact our Customer Service via the contact form.


Can we book for several vehicles? 

Yes, you can book parking spaces for several vehicles on the same time slot.

Warning: you will have to make a reservation for each vehicle.


How do I cancel a booking?

Cancellation is free at Onepark!

To cancel your booking, it is very simple: from the website or mobile:, go to your customer space and then select "My bookings" and only click on "Cancel".

You will receive an email of confirmation of cancellation in your mailbox and full refund within 10 business days

It is important to note that we can not cancel the booking for you.

The cancellation is free if your cancellation occurs within the cancellation deadlines imposed by the car park. You will of course be refunded on the payment method associated with your Onepark account.


 What is the confirmation mail for? 

At the end of your booking, you will receive a confirmation email. You will need this mail on the day of your booking.

• It summarizes the following information:

• Reminder of the practical information related to your reservation (dates / time / price etc.)

• Parking address

• Access to the car park

• Additional information about the car park

You deleted it from your mailbox? Do not panic ... You will find it in your Onepark customer space, in the "My booking" section.


Do I have to pay booking fees? 

No, booking and cancellation are free of charge.

This action is free if your cancellation occurs within the cancellation deadlines imposed by the car park.


How to book a parking space?

You can book your car park in a few clicks on our website

It is very simple: fill in your place, your dates and times of parking and then click on "Search". All you have to do is choose the ideal car park!

All prices are indicated on the website. Avaibilities are updated in real time.

As soon as the price is displayed, we guarantee you the place in this car park at the selected times.

On each car park page, you will be able to see all the packages offered in the tab "All our offers" (from 1 hour and up to 31 days).

If you wish to subscribe, click on the "Subscriptions" tab to make a reservation for a longer period.

Warning: when the car parks do not offer subscriptions, the tab "Subscriptions" does not appear on the page.


 I lost confirmation mail. What to do ?

If you no longer have your confirmation email, you can download it directly in your Onepark customer space, under "My reservations".