Onepark, how does it work?

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Onepark, how does it work?

Onepark in a nutshell

Onepark is an online parking space reservation site. Under no circumstances does the company act as an operator, owner or tenant of parking lots.

Thanks to the different package and subscription formulas, you can reserve your parking space for an hour, an evening, a few days, a month or a year.

To benefit from Onepark's services, it's very simple: register either via Facebook or by filling out the form then choose your car park according to your dates and times and finally proceed to online payment.

We guarantee the strict protection of your personal and banking data in accordance with the law in force.


How to book on the site?

The reservation is made in a few clicks on our website

It's very simple: enter your location, dates and parking times then click on "Search". All you have to do is choose the ideal car park!

All prices are listed on the site. Capacities are updated in real time.

As soon as the price is displayed, we guarantee you space in this car park at the selected times.

If you wish to take out a subscription, click on the "Subscriptions" tab to be able to book.

Where can I find information on the car park that interests me?

When you click on a car park, you are directed to a page dedicated to the file of the selected car park.

On this sheet, you can consult 3 or 4 sections:

    • INFORMATION concerning the car park: contact details, authorized vehicles, opening hours and days, nearby tourist points.
    • ALL OUR OFFERS presenting all the packages offered by the car park.
    • PARKING ACCESS: you will know everything about how to access the car park (entry / exit) and pedestrians.
    • SUBSCRIPTIONS: only if the selected car park offers one.


What types of parking do you offer?

Onepark has a network of partner car parks throughout France.

You will be able to select the ideal car park from a wide choice of public car parks, airports, private car parks for hotels or buildings and choose between a package and a subscription.

The name of our partner appears on each parking card.


Which vehicles are accepted in the car parks offered by Onepark?

On each car park sheet, we specify the vehicles as well as the maximum height authorized in the car park.


Can we choose the duration of the reservation?

Yes, you will be able to choose your booking duration.

On each parking form, there is a section OUR OFFERS in which we offer packages between 1 hour and 31 days.

Some car parks also offer subscription offers: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually.


In addition to parking, do you offer shuttle services or valet services? (near airports and train stations)

Yes, it is possible to have a shuttle service or a valet parking service.

The conditions of use are specific to each car park, so we invite you to consult the AIRPORT ACCESS section on the car park sheet.

When a car park offers a valet service, this information is specified in the title: eg: "Paris Gare Montparnasse Ector (valet service)"