Types of access

Types of access

How do I access the parking lot with my phone?

When the entry is made by phone call, your confirmation email contains a phone number to use to enter the parking lot.

While arriving  in front of the car park, call this phone number (free call) and the gate will open. You must use the phone number you have entered when you register! 

This service is compatible with all mobile phones.


I lost my personal code, what to do? 

It does not matter, you will find this code in your confirmation email, in your Onepark personal space as well as in the SMS that we send you 24 hours before the start of your booking. 


How to access the car park with the keypad?

Most car parks are equipped with a keypad.

In this case, simply type in your 6-digit code followed by the # key on the keypad at the parking entrance. (The code is to be typed quickly). Do not hesitate to try again if it does not work the first time!

You can find your access code in your confirmation email.


How to access the car park with the confirmation email?

You will have to present your confirmation e-mail at the reception of the car park which will issue you a pre-paid exit ticket.

Warning: the confirmation email is required! The reminder SMS is not accepted as confirmation of your booking and the staff on site is entitled to deny you access if you present only your SMS.

All the information regarding the access mode is present in your confirmation email.


How do I park in the car park?

It is very simple: some car parks are equipped with Onepark signposting, you will then have to follow the signs.