Opening hours

  • Open 24/7


  • "Multiple entries and exits" option included from 1 day bookings onwards
  • CCTV
  • Covered


  • Wheelchair access
  • Onepark keyboard

Allowed vehicles

Maximum height: 1.9 m

  • Motorbikes
  • City car
    Example: Peugeot 208, Citroen C3, Audi A1, Seat Ibiza, VW Polo…
  • Sedan car / Small SUV
    Example: VW Golf, BMW Serie 1, Seat León, Renault Captur, Audi Q3…
  • Family car / Large SUV
    Example: Renault Talisman, VW Passat, Mercedes Classe E, BMW X5, Audi Q8…
  • Utility car
    Example: VW Multivan, Ford Tourneo, Mercedes Classe V, Renault Trafic, Fiat Talento…


The SAEMES MARCHÉ SAINT-GERMAIN car park (Covered) is located in the Saint-Germain district.

Onepark locations located in the 3rd basement:

Seat No. 329

Seat No. 330

Seat no. 332

Seat No. 333

Seat No. 334

Seat No. 338

Seat No. 339

Seat No. 340

Seat No. 341

Any parking outside these assigned spaces will be subject to removal by our partner Saemes.


  • The booking can be cancelled until 1 hour before its beginning.


Entry and exit from the car park

Arrival at the car park

When you arrive at the car park, enter your 6-digit access code on the code keypad located in front of the entrance barrier, this code is confidential.
If you have a Smartphone, you can open the barrier directly from your booking in the Onepark application.

Then park at the Onepark locations located in the 3rd basement (329, 330, 332, 333, 334, 338, 339, 340, 341).

Any parking in places reserved and identified as such will be removed by our partner Saemes.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrian access is located at 7 Rue Lobineau 75006 Paris. To enter, please type your Onepark access code followed by # on the keyboard.

It is strictly forbidden to use vehicle access.

Car park exit

To exit the car park, type your access code on the Onepark code keypad.

Your code will allow you multiple entries and exits from 1 day of parking.

  • Car access: Face au 1 rue Lobineau, 75006 Paris
  • Pedestrian access: 7 rue Lobineau, 75006 Paris


Customer reviews

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38 people rated this parking lot

  • Anonymous A
     Very good

    Parking April 2023

    Hard to find. It’s right not left as on maps. Very narrow to navigate inside. No elevator.

  • Stéphane P

    Parking November 2022

    A fuir, parking insalubre, tout juste bon pour y garer une trottinete

  • Philippe A

    Parking October 2022


  • Bruno B
     Very good

    Parking August 2022

    Be careful if you have a pre-paid reservation: there's another parking in the same building, if you enter there you will have to pay. Look for the the brand SAEMES. The given address "rue Lobineau 1" is correct: enter there if it is marked as "Private parking". The other is INDIGO. The -3 level is badly signaled.

  • Marco L
     Very good

    Parking August 2022

    There wasn't the lift the circulation in the park is not clear

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