Customer reviews and recommendations guidelines

The main purpose of the Customer Reviews published on our platform, is to inform other customers about the quality of service delivered by the associated car parks via the web site or the App. Onepark reserves the right to partially or totally use the reviews left on our website for marketing or promotional's ends over social networks, newsletters, special offers, applications or any other channel.



Onepark relies on Net Reviews / Skeepers to collect customer reviews.

Net Reviews / Skeepers is a company specialized in the collection, moderation and restitution of brand and product reviews submitted by consumers. Their online collection of customer reviews is certified by AFNOR Certification.


0. Definitions

- Customer Reviews: general designation grouping together Product Reviews and Brand Reviews.

- Brand Reviews: rating, evaluation or comment given by a User on the quality of the service provided on our website or the Application.

- Product Reviews: rating, evaluation or comment given by a User on the level of service and the quality of the service provided by a Partner Car Park.


1. Submission of Customer Reviews

The filing of review is not possible spontaneously on the website. Only Users who have made a reservation on Onepark are invited by e-mail to give their opinion via a "Net Reviews" form. Invitations to publish a review are all triggered following an act of purchase or use of the service concerned :

- For Product Reviews: a few days after the act of purchase on our Site or the Application.

- For Brand Reviews: a few days after the consumption of a booking at a Partner Car Park.


To submit a review, simply click on the link in the email and fill out the online form. You will be asked for a general note, but not only. We also ask for your opinion on other specific points relating to the level of service provided by Onepark or its Partners.


After moderation, the Customer Opinions are published on our platform and displayed on the descriptive page of the Partner Car Parks. No consideration is provided by Onepark in exchange for filing an opinion.


The user authorizes Onepark to publish, in addition to the review :

- The date on which the purchase or use of the service concerned was made 

- The user's first name followed by the user's last name initial,


Each review must go along with a 1 to 5-star notation.


Published reviews that are not originally written in the user's language appear with a Google translation link (Google Translate) and the "translated by Google" mention. Onepark could not be held responsible for the quality of the translation from Google Translate.


2. Moderation of Customer Reviews

Every review is moderated by Onepark,

Moderation guarantees conformity of reviews to our terms and conditions and our customer reviews and recommendations guidelines before :

- Publishing the review,

- Rejecting / deleting the review.

 The time limit between filing and publication of a review is 7 days. From the moment it is validated by the moderation team, the notice is subject to the site's update schedule. 


3. Reasons to modify Customer Reviews

A review can be modified if :

- The author requests it,

- The author made a mistake on the car park's name.


4. Reason to reject / delete Customer Reviews

The review's content can be rejected or deleted for the following reasons:

- Conditions of publications are not respected,

- The content is not related to the car park,

- The content includes insults and/or is inappropriate or incomprehensible,

- The content is considered as defamatory,

- The content contains hyperlinks, URLs or personal information,

- It is a duplication,

- The author has requested it.


5. Policy of answering to Customer Reviews

Onepark reserves the right to answer to each review, and so does the car parks in order to:

- Give their own version of facts,

- Thank clients,

- Report changes or improvements since the publication of the review,

Answers must respect terms and conditions of use of the platform and the reviews and customers recommendations guidelines, and will be moderated upon the same conditions of the users' reviews.


 6. Classification of Customer Reviews

Reviews are listed in chronological order by default, from the most recent to the oldest.