Parking Parking Théâtre Pigalle - Urbis Park Paris

Parking Théâtre Pigalle - Urbis Park

  • 10-12 rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris
  • Open 24h / 24 - 7d / 7
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Translated by Google

The Pigalle Theatres Parking - Urbis Park is conveniently located near the Saint-Lazare train station and within 10 minutes walk to Pigalle, and department stores.

Parking is covered and accessible 24/7.

Parking is provided by our partner Urbis Park.


Tips OnePark

Vehicles over 4.90 meters wide are not allowed.

The car park was formerly known as Trinity.


City car
Sedan car
Utility car
Max. height
1,90 m

Max. height
Cancellable until :24 hours before it begins.
Vehicle access: 10-12 rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris
Pedestrian access: 10-12 rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, 75009 Paris
Onepark places: Emplacements libres
Around the park:

Gare Saint-Lazare, Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Théâtre Mogador, Pigalle, Théâtre de Paris, Casino de Paris

Public transport:


Parking Théâtre Pigalle - Urbis Park prices

Max. durationPriceDetails
Forfait Fast 1h3,90 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Fast 2h7,80 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Express 3h11,70 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Express 4h15,60 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Découverte 5h19,20 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Découverte 6h22,80 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Découverte 7h25,60 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Découverte 8h28,40 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Découverte 10h31,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Découverte 12h32,20 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Sérénité 24h32,20 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Zen 2j64,40 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Zen 3j96,70 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Escapade 4j127,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Escapade 5j127,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Escapade 6j127,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Semaine 7j127,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 8j159,70 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 9j191,90 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 10j224,20 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 11j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 12j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 13j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 14j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 15j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 16j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 17j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 18j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 19j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 20j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 21j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 22j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 23j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 24j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 25j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 26j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 27j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 28j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 29j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 30j235,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Mois 31j243,20 €Unique entry/exit
Beyond7,80 € for 24 hours
Abonnement Mensuel 7j/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées. Cet abonnement pourra être renouvelé 2 fois maximum. Il faudra ensuite se présenter directement au parking pour bénéficier de l'offre.277,00 €
Abonnement Trimestriel 7j/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées. Pour renouveler cet abonnement, veuillez vous présenter directement au parking.746,00 €

Translated by Google

Arriving at the parking

When you arrive at the car park, take a ticket at the input terminal. Park your vehicle at the location of your choice, with the exception of reserved seats. Meet at the reception where a prepaid parking exit ticket will be issued in exchange for the ticket and OnePark confirmation email.

If the park is closed, use the intercom at the entrance.

pedestrian access

The pedestrian access is via elevators that overlook the rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle. Use your exit ticket on drives located near doors.

Parking Output

To exit the car park, insert the prepaid ticket out in the output terminal.
As part of an overshoot, you may have to adjust directly from the parking lot by the price list displayed on site.


277,00 €
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746,00 €
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2 persons recommend this park.


Excellent accueil et disponibilité du personnel d'accueil. Bien accessible et parfaitement situé près de Pigalle. Parking bien éclairé et très bien entretenu. J'y reviendrai !

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