How to park in Barcelona: your parking guide

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How to park in Barcelona: your parking guide

Barcelona is the second most populated city in Spain, receives approximately 20 million tourists a year thanks to its cultural heritage, its good temperature and the beaches of the province. It is the most cosmopolitan city in Spain . Taking into account these data, parking will be a complicated task.

The different types of parking in Barcelona

In Barcelona, as in all cities today, parking areas are regulated by time limit and depending on whether you pay the resident pass or not. Likewise, free parking areas are becoming less numerous and it is rare to find parking in them. In addition, all these spaces are on the street and do not have covered parking . If you want to park in a car park in Barcelona, covered, safe and at the best price , reserve your car park in Barcelona with Onepark and park the first time. No more running around looking for parking.

Park in private car parks with Onepark

Enter your parking dates and times in the Onepark search engine, as well as the place where you want to park your vehicle. A list of car parks near that point will be generated. You can choose the car park that best suits you . Once your parking is reserved, a confirmation email will be sent to your email so that you have all the necessary information to access your parking. You can reserve a hotel parking ; parking of private residences or public parking lots .

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