Tucked away in north western Italy, is Turin, a city of both beautiful architecture and delicious food. To get the best deals on cheap parking in Turin city centre, use OnePark.

Turin city centre

Home to one of the world’s best universities and filled with art galleries, museums, churches and palaces, Turin city centre bustles with life and culture. The city has a population of around 883,000 people.

A brief history of Turin

Turin was ruled by the Counts of Savoy for many years. Although, it was annexed by the French in 1802, by 1814 it was reinstated the Kingdom of Piedemont-Sardina’s capital. After the unification of Italy, it was the capital before it was moved to Florence and then to Rome. In more recent years, the city has been home to much of Italy’s automobile manufacturing industry. The headquarters of FIAT, Alpha Romeo and Lancia are all located in Turin.

Getting around Turin city centre

Compact and immensely walkable, Turin city centre is easy to navigate. Should you wish to take public transport, you are well served with public transport. Parking in Turin city centre is only allowed in blue-lined streets and parking garages. City centre driving requires a permit. With the Alps rising up to the North West, Turin is filled with museums, art and Renaissance architecture. One of the city’s most prominent landmarks is the Mole Antonelliana. Its dome and spire are a combined 121 m and it houses a museum devoted to cinema.

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