Public & private parking

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Public & private parking

What are the differences between private parking and public parking ? Public parking is a paid parking offered by municipalities where vehicles can park for a certain period.

Private car parks

Parking is private when it belongs to you or when it is in your building for example. It is a parking space that can be a box, garage or surface parking, outside and open, but marked by markings on the ground. If you own a private parking, you have the right to remove any vehicle parked on your parking space. For this, you will have to call the pound who can then intervene thereafter. Note that you do not pay the impound even if you are the source of the report. If your private car park is in the basement, then you will have to call the police who will make a first report, then come back 7 days later to check if the car that is uncomfortable is still there. If this is still the case, the police will then request a removal. Private car parks are governed by standards NF P 91-120.

Public car parks

A public car park is a paid public parking offered by the municipalities where the vehicles can park for a certain fixed period. Public car parks can be surface, outside, open, covered, closed or underground. Parking in this type of parking is regulated according to the area where the car park is located. Public car parks are governed by NF-P 91-100 standards.

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