Who are we?


How would you react if we told you that as a driver you spend a year in your life looking for a parking space?

Based on this assessment, Gilles and David created Onepark, a mobile app and online car park booking platform, allowing you to compare, book and pay for your parking space.

The principle is simple: not only do we give you access to all the public car parks, but we go even further, by opening you the gates of private car parks belonging to hotels, companies and buildings, thus making a wider number of parking spaces. 

Whether you need to park for a few-day holiday next to an airport or for some hours a few blocks from your favorite restaurant, Onepark will meet your needs! Market leader, Onepark offers more than 2000 car parks, located in 275 cities in France as well as in Spain, Belgium and Switzerland.

So stop doubting, we have got your parking space!


Gilles LATOUCHE Co-founder, President
Team placeholder David VANDENBORN Co-founder, General Manager