Central Station Bari

On the 9th of May from 05:00 to 06:00 am

Leaving from Bari Centrale, the central railway station? Onepark is here to help you find all the available car parks at Bari Centrale so you have one less thing to worry about when travelling.

Bari Centrale

Bari Centrale is located in the city centre of Bari at Piazza Aldo Moro. It serves some 38,000 people with 300 trains per day.

A brief history of Bari Centrale

Bari Centrale was built in 1864 with a simple design and two railway tracks. Between 1865 and 1906, five more tracks were added, and the station was expanded with interior changes to the ticket hall. Further changes were made in 1946, making it the station that can be seen today.

Travelling through Bari Centrale

Bari Centrale is a small station with 16 passenger platforms. The ground floor is where most facilities are located. These include the platforms, ticket and left luggage offices, toilets, shops, restaurants and post office. The mezzanine floor and first floor are primarily reserved for offices and railway health service. Bari Centrale includes garages and car parks just a few minutes’ walk from the station.

Stress-free parking at Bari Centrale

As one of the most important railways in Italy, Bari Centrale can become quite a busy station. Avoid the stress of competing for a car park spot in Bari Centrale and book ahead with Onepark. All you need to do is to provide your travel details and select your car park; your spot will be there waiting for you when you arrive.