Leipzig is not only a center for book printers and dealers, but also Messestadt, city of music and monument capital. You do not need to worry about parking in Leipzig , thanks to Onepark .


Leipzig is a city located in the eastern part of central Germany. It has about half a million inhabitants and is 110 km from the Saxon capital of Dresden and 190 km from Berlin. The city is located in the Leipzig lowland bay at the water node of the rivers White Elster, Pleiße and Parthe.

A short history of Leipzig

In the south of the present Goerdelerrings settled in 5 BC. Chr. For the first time people. The settlement expanded and in 928 the German castle Urbs Lipzi was built where the Matthäikirchhof is today. The city was officially founded in 1165, when it was granted town and market rights by Margrave Otto the Rich of Meissen. Leipzig developed into an important trading center and in 1497 finally received the imperial fair privilege. Leipzig has maintained its importance as a trade fair location to this day.

Highlights in Leipzig

Despite innumerable structural problems caused by the war and the post-war period, Leipzig continues to be one of the most important trade fair and industrial locations in Germany. From a cultural point of view, the city also holds countless cultural and historical highlights, such as the Old Town Hall, the Mädler Passage, which invites you to stroll, the Nikolai and the Thomaskirche or the Theater of the Senses, where you can experience artists, comedians and musicians live. The city harbor is a starting point for motor boat tours and canoe tours. To visit these places without having to worry about finding a parking space, book your parking space in Leipzig with Onepark and save up to 60%.

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