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Venezia Mestre

Venezia Mestre is located on the mainland of Venice in piazzale Pietro Favretti, Mestre. It is one of Venice’s two most important stations and serves 85,000 people and 500 trains per day. The station is open at night when the Venezia Santa Lucia station is closed.

A brief history of Venezia Mestre

Venezia Mestre first opened on 13 December 1842 when the Milan-Venice railways starts operating. Originally, Additional upgrades and additions have been added to the station through the years such as a modified ticket office and LED displays.

Venezia Mestre guide

Venezia Mestre is a small but busy station with 13 platforms. The ground floor is where the platforms, ticket offices, left-luggage office, and food facilities are located. The station serves high speed, intercity, express, regional and local trains, as well as urban and suburban buses. Parking for Venezia Mestre is just three minutes away across from the station. It includes both open air and undercover parking.

Easy parking in Venezia Mestre

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