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Cologne Messe/Deutz Station

Located on the eastern bank of the river Rhine and across Cologne Hauptbahnhof is Cologne Messe/Deutz Station. The station was originally known as the Cologne-Deutz but was added the name Messe thanks to its proximity to the Cologne trade Fair or Koelnmesse.

A brief history of Cologne Messe/Deutz Station

The current Cologne Messe/Deutz Station opened in 1913 and was in the same location where previous stations had been since 1845. After World War II, the station was modified and simplified. Further changes were made over the years such as making it the terminal station for ICE trains and modernisation of lower-level platforms 11 and 12 in 2001.

Cologne Messe/Deutz Station map

Cologne Messe/Deutz is a small junction station with two level platforms. The higher six platforms serve trains crossing the Hohenzollern Bridge as well as U-Bahn and an S-Bahn lines while the lower level serves ICE trains. The station serves ICE, regional local and metro trains. Facilities are limited but include food and drinks, ticket machines, toilets, information centre and public telephones. It serves both at the main, domed hallway. Parking in Cologne Messe/Deutz Station is just outside the station and at a nearby car park.

Easy parking in Cologne Messe/Deutz Station

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