Place du Ralliement

On the 8th of May from 10:45 to 11:45 am

The Place du Ralliement is one of the must-sees of the city of Angers. When you visit, choose Onepark to find a parking space that meets your needs.

Location of the Place du Ralliement

The Place du Ralliement is located in the city center of Angers. Having become exclusively pedestrian since 2010, it sometimes serves as a meeting place and various events.

History of the Place du Ralliement

The name Place du Ralliement was adopted on April 23, 1791. Before that date, it was given various names: place of the Guillotine or place Saint-Maurille. The word "Rally" was chosen with reference to one of its main utilities. The population gathered there in fact for death sentences or for the rallying of conscripts and soldiers.

The specificities of the Place du Ralliement

During the French Revolution, the tree of Liberty was planted on the Place du Ralliement. This event took place on February 24, 1793. From October 30, 1793 to October 15, 1794, the guillotine was also installed there.

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Parking near the Place du Ralliement

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