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Location of Nîmes

Nimes is a city in the south of France. It is located in the Gard department, in the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées region. This city rich in cultural heritage is nestled between the Mediterranean and the mountains of the Cevennes. It is bounded on the north by La Calmette, Dions and Sainte-Anastasie, on the south by Caissargues, Garons and Générac, on the east by Marguerittes, and on the west by Caveirac.

History of Nîmes

Celts would have settled in the area before the arrival of the Romans in 121 BC. The city was devastated and the colony disappeared following the invasion of vandals led by Chorus. For many years, the city knows troubled times. In the sixteenth century, his situation improved significantly despite the persecution of Protestants and the various restrictions. Nîmes really knows its rise during the Renaissance.

The specificities of Nîmes

City of art and history, Nîmes abounds with historical monuments to discover absolutely, including the amphitheater or the arena which hosted animal fights as well as gladiators during the Roman Empire. Also visit the Maison Carrée, an astonishingly preserved Roman Temple, as well as the Temple of Diana. Apart from the Roman remains, Nîmes teems with religious buildings that are worth seeing. The streets of the city are also dotted with administrative and official buildings.

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Parking in Nîmes

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