APK2 JOVELLANOS Public Car Park (Covered)



Opening hours

  • Open 24h


  • "Multiple entries/exits option" available from 1 day booking
  • Covered

Allowed vehicles

Maximum height: 1.95 m

  • Motorbikes
  • City car
  • Sedan car
  • Utility car


The APK2 JOVELLANOS public car park is located 12 minutes from the Gijón train station and close to the Jovellanos Theater.

The parking is covered and accessible 24/7.

Parking is offered by APK2 JOVELLANOS .


  • The booking can be cancelled until 2 hours before its beginning.


Entry and exit from the car park

Go to the car park control booth with your confirmation email (mobile or paper version).

To access the parking on foot, you must go through the pedestrian access.

Good to know

  • In case of exceeding the parking time, we invite you to pay it directly at the car park, according to the hourly rate in force.
  • Car access: Plaza 6 de Agosto, 33206 Gijón
  • Pedestrian access: Plaza 6 de Agosto, 33206 Gijón


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