Where to find cheap parking in Montpellier?

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Where to find cheap parking in Montpellier?

To park with confidence for a few hours or for several weeks or months, here are the good parking tips for parking in Montpellier .

Advance booking: a guaranteed seat in Montpellier city center

Booking your car park in the city center of Montpellier in advance will allow you to choose the right car park, in the right place and at the right price. No more unpleasant surprises when going to the payment terminals! You control your budget and you save your energy on the big day!

Hotel car parks

Hotel car parks are an excellent alternative to public parking. The quality of service is excellent and most of the time your car is parked in a covered public. Only Onepark users can benefit from the possibility of parking in hotels. Enjoy it! The value for money is unbeatable!

Package and subscription to save money in Montpellier

Do you travel by car from your home to your work? Note that you can take subscriptions on Onepark. Car parks that accept subscriptions offer very competitive prices. With Onepark, you will have the opportunity to purchase a subscription in a private building. You will then have a personalized code that will allow you to park in these car parks normally reserved for residents.

Onepark offers:

- monthly subscriptions

- quarterly subscriptions

- half-yearly subscriptions

- annual subscriptions

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