Use of cookies

This Cookies Page informs you that our website and our mobile app use "cookies". It explains the types of cookies used, their purpose and their settings.


1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device through the website or mobile app when you visit a website. This file is stocked on your hard drive specifically designed for cookies. It collects information on the websites you visit. This information may include dates and times of visits, the websites you visit and the time you spend on our website and mobile app. This can enhance your experience on your next visit on the website or the app and make them more useful for you. 

The parameters of the cookies are set by your internet browser. 

They can be dropped by different senders, notably by the webmaster of the web site or mobile app or by a third party. 

For instance, the cookies that are strictly necessary to provide a service expressly asked by the user - in other words, the important cookies for the good performance of the web site or the mobile app - are internal cookies. In constrast, the cookies used in Google Analytics are cookies placed by Google, for statistical purposes.


2. Types of website cookies used online/on mobile app and their purpose

Different types of cookies are used on our web site and mobile app. Each type of cookie has a different and specific purpose. On our website and mobile app two types of cookies can be distinguished: 

- Cookies strictly necessary to provide a particular service explicitly requested by the user. For instance, the cookies used to identify a session or authentication cookies (hereafter called 1st  category) ;

 - Advertising cookies, cookies on social networks, cookies used to measure site usage and cookies for behavior analysis (hereafter called 2nd category).

 On this website/mobile app, we can find the following types of cookies:

Description (type of cookie) and purpose  Cookie category Issuer
Session cookie : Allows Onepark's users to access their personal account, by using their login and password  1 Internal
Web surfing cookie on Onepark's website and app : Used to improve site navigation and to enhance the online experience on Onepark's website and app. 1 Internal
Google Analytics Cookie : Used to collect anonymous information and generate statistical reports to analyze the use of a website but it cannot identify unique users across different browsers or devices.  1 Third parties
Advertising cookie : Used to deliver content and advertisements specific to the user’s interests 2 Third parties
Facebook cookie : Allows the user to register and log in to the website and the mobile app. It also allows to reserve a parking sace through their Facebook account.    2 Third parties
Behavorial analysis cookies : Used for various purposes, such as collect user preferences, measure activity on the website or enhance your online experience.  2 Third parties


3. Cookies settings

3.1 Consent to set cookies

When visiting this web site or app, you reach the home page of the site. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Your consent shall be considered valid for a maximum of 13 months.

You can modify your cookies settings, delete or block all or part of cookies on the website or the app. To do that, click on the link «Cookies» at the bottom of each page of the website or the app. To reach this page, please follow these instructions.


3.2 Refuse/block cookies

You can refuse the storage of all or part of cookies by changing the the options for your browser.

However, If you decide to block the storage of cookies on your device, you will not benefit from certain functionalities that are required in order to navigate through our website or app. 

Depending on the browse you use, please follow the instructions below to modify the options for cookies. 


Cookies settings/refuse/block

Browser type Link/steps to modify/refuse cookies
Internet Explorer

Click on Settings then slect Security and Delete history.

Click on Cookies and website data, then click on Delete.


Click on Settings then select Preferences.

In the displayed window, click on Privacy and on History, click on Delete specific cookies.

Safari Click on Tools then select Preferences. Click on Privacy and Manage website data

Click on Tools then select Settings. On Privacy click on Content settings.

On the menu Cookies, click on Cookies and website Data.