Parking Parking Colombes - Stade Olympique Yves du Manoir - Kyriad Colombes

Parking Colombes - Stade Olympique Yves du Manoir - Kyriad

  • ZAC Kléber – 1 rue Albert Camus, 92700 Colombes
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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Parking Colombes - Yves du Manoir - Kyriad Olympic Stadium is located a 15-minute walk from the Yves du Manoir Olympic Stadium and a 6-minute walk from the L "Le Stade" train station.

The car park is exterior closed and accessible 24h / 24 and 7/7 .

Parking is provided by our partner the hotel Kyriad Colombes.

City car
Sedan car
Utility car
Cancellable until :1 hour before it begins.
Vehicle access: ZAC Kléber – 1 rue Albert Camus, 92700 Colombes
Pedestrian access: ZAC Kléber – 1 rue Albert Camus, 92700 Colombes
Onepark places: Onepark Reserved Locations
Around the park:

Stade Olympique Yves du Manoir

Parking Colombes - Stade Olympique Yves du Manoir - Kyriad prices

Max. durationPriceDetails
Fast Package 1h1,00 €Unique entry/exit
Fast Package 2h2,00 €Unique entry/exit
Express Packages 3h3,00 €Unique entry/exit
Express Package 4h4,00 €Unique entry/exit
Express Package 5h5,00 €Unique entry/exit
Discovery Package 6h6,00 €Unique entry/exit
Discovery Package 8h7,00 €Unique entry/exit
Serenity Package 12h8,00 €Unique entry/exit
Serenity Package 24h10,00 €Unique entry/exit
Zen Package 2 days15,00 €Unique entry/exit
Zen Package 3 days18,00 €Unique entry/exit
Getaway Package 4 days20,00 €Unique entry/exit
Getaway Package 5 days22,00 €Unique entry/exit
Getaway Package 6 days24,00 €Unique entry/exit
Week Package 7 days25,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 8 days26,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 9 days28,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 10 days32,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 11 days36,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 12 days38,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 13 days40,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 14 days45,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 15 days48,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 16 days50,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 17 days52,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 18 days54,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 19 days56,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 20 days58,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 21 days60,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 22 days61,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 23 days62,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 24 days63,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 25 days64,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 26 days65,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 27 days66,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 28 days67,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 29 days68,00 €Unique entry/exit
Escape Package 30 days69,00 €Unique entry/exit
Month Package 31 days70,00 €Unique entry/exit
Beyond2,00 € for 24 hours
Monthly Subscription 7/7Entrées / Sorties illimitées65,00 €

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Arrival at the car park

When you arrive at the car park, ring the intercom and communicate your OnePark booking number, then present the Onepark confirmation email (which you can present on your mobile or in paper version).

You can then park on the Onepark reserved spaces.

Pedestrian access

The pedestrian exit and entrance are through the hotel lobby.

Exit from the car park

To exit the car park, present the OnePark confirmation email (which you will be able to present on your mobile or in paper version) at the reception of the hotel so that one gives you a ticket of exit prepaid.

In the case of an overrun, you will have to pay it directly to the hotel according to the price list posted on site.

Monthly Subscription 7/7
65,00 €
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