Parking Antigone - Suite Novotel Car Park Montpellier

Antigone - Suite Novotel Car Park

  • 45 Avenue du Pirée, 34000 Montpellier
  • Any available spaces.
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Montpellier - Suite Novotel Montpellier car park is located in the city center of Montpellier, 3 minutes' walk from the Médiathèque centrale Emile Zola and 15 minutes public shuttle from Montpellier Méditerranée Airport.The car park is covered and secured.The access ramp is narrow and not easy to reach for big cars.The car park is provided by our partner Suite Novotel Montpellier.

City car
Sedan car
Utility car
Max. height
1,80 m

Max. height
Cancellable until :1 hour before it begins.
Vehicle access: 45 Avenue du Pirée, 34000 Montpellier
Pedestrian access: 45 Avenue du Pirée, 34000 Montpellier
Onepark places: Any available spaces.
Around the park:

 Centre ville de Montpellier, Médiathèque centrale Emile Zola, Aéroport Montpellier Méditerranée.

Antigone - Suite Novotel Car Park prices

Max. durationPriceDetails
Forfait Fast 1h1,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Fast 2h3,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Express 3h4,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Express 4h6,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Express 5h7,50 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Découverte 6h9,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Sérénité 12h10,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Sérénité 24h12,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Zen 2j18,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Zen 3j25,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Escapade 4j30,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Escapade 5j35,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Escapade 6j40,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Semaine 7j45,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 8j45,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 9j50,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 10j55,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 11j55,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 12j60,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 13j65,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 14j70,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 15j72,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 16j76,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 17j80,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 18j85,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 19j90,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 20j90,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 21j95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 22j95,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 23j100,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 24j102,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 25j104,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 26j106,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 27j110,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 28j110,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 29j112,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Evasion 30j114,00 €Unique entry/exit
Forfait Mois 31j116,00 €Unique entry/exit
Beyond3,50 € for 24 hours

Navette vers l'Aéroport de Montpellier:

L'hôtel se situe à 3 minutes à pied de l'arrêt de la navette n°120 qui dessert l'aéroport en 15 minutes toutes les heures entre 05h25 et 19h30. L'arrêt de la navette se situe Place de l'Europe.



Horaires Navette Direction Aéroport Montpellier

To access the car parkWhen you arrive at the car park, use the security phone and give your reservation number. The staff will open the door of the car park.pedestrian accesspedestrian access through the hotel lobby.Exit from the car parkTo exit the car park, go to the reception with your confirmation email (on your smartphone or on paper). The gate will be opened automatically.This stage signs the end of your reservation, it is really important to follow it.If you exceed the prepaid time, you will have to pay an extra fee directly at the hotel according to its hourly rate.

One person recommends this park.

1 comment:

Facile d'accès, accueil sympathique par le personnel de l’hôtel (qui a simplement mis un peu de temps à retrouver ma réservation, heureusement que j'avais l'email de confirmation sur mon smartphone.). Solution très pratique, je recommencerai.

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No reservation fees
Free cancellation
Secured payment

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