Drive over to Rotterdam-Central Station, the international gateway to Rotterdam. OnePark is here to help you find parking at the station, all at the tip of your fingers.

Rotterdam-Central Station

Rotterdam-Central Station is one of Netherlands’ largest and most important stations. Located in the heart of Rotterdam, it covers an area of 46000 square miles. The station is instantly recognisable by its modern and triangular architectural design.

A brief history of Rotterdam-Central Station

Rotterdam Central Station was built in the 1950s as the city had no central station prior to World War II. It opened in 1957 and had 140,000 passengers every day. With an increase in passenger numbers and the introduction of high-speed rail, a new station was needed. The original station was closed in 2007 and demolished and the new station opened in 2014. It included a new metro station, food services, bicycle and car parking.

Getting around Rotterdam-Central Station

Rotterdam-Central Station’s layout consists of modern, open ground floor. From the main entrance at the southern end of the station, passengers have access to the bicycle stations, tram stop, bus station, taxis, metro line D station underground and information centre. Once past the main gates are basic amenities such as a tourist information centre, ATMs, food and cafes, shops and toilets. The station numbers their platforms from 1 to 15 and 1 to 16 with the northern entrance at the end of the passageway. Parking for Rotterdam-Central Station is located just outside both entrances.

Find parking in Rotterdam Central Station

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